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We Make Custom Railcar Covers Easy

We want to make your problems, our problems—or better yet, our solutions. Whether you’re looking to lease a few railcar covers or need a custom cover designed for your industry, Ecofab can help. Since 1975, we’ve been thinking outside the box and not just solving problems, but offering solutions that improve transportation, increase efficiencies, and maximize returns. We work with clients across the world, providing industry-leading systems, solutions, and support.


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Behind Ecofab

Our journey started with the recognition that the transport of bulk materials lacked efficiency and that the financial losses were becoming too steep, coupled with the knowledge that we could do something about it.

Before 1975, transporting material like copper, lead, and zinc concentrates was problematic—and that’s putting it lightly. Water and snow made unloading and handling material difficult, which meant delays in unloading trains and loading ships, not to mention the issue of drying material. And then came the dust losses. Everyone in the industry was suffering from significant financial losses, and at the time, plastic tarpaulin covers were the only solution.

But there was a problem—there wasn’t really a solution at all, so here’s where we got innovative.

Our team evaluated the problems people in the railcar industry were facing and started seeking solutions to solve each one. We knew companies needed a reusable, long-lasting cover, and we were dedicated to finding and developing an all-in-one solution. The result? Our first custom fiberglass railcar cover, a solution that revolutionized the industry and led to the founding of Ecofab. But, of course, that was just the beginning. Today, we offer comprehensive railcar cover leasing options and tailored solutions for our customers. Every journey is unique, and together, we can create a solution for any railcar cover problem.