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Every journey starts with Ecofab Custom Railcar Covers Environmental. Sustainable. Global


Heightened Performance, Increased Savings

It’s time for an upgrade—to improve fuel efficiency, decrease product loss, and reduce ballast contamination. Carefully designed to address the industry’s leading pain points, Ecofab railcar covers are designed for industry professionals, by industry professionals.

We stand for efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. Every Ecofab cover embodies these three pillars and surpasses industry standards. We’re pushing the boundaries and bringing you solutions that significantly change your bottom line. How? By offering benefits forged with innovation.

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Experience + Expert Engineering

We don’t rely on a one system fits all approach. We started with one railcar system, and today, we have a line of fully customizable systems, each designed to meet a specific industry demand and solve your problems. We’ve built our reputation on quality and support, and it’s time to find out how we can support you.

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Proven Solutions Backed By Years of Experience

We’re known for results, for providing clients with services supported by an experienced team—a team that spans the globe. With industry-leading railcar cover services, maintenance plans, and customer service, we offer solutions that stand the test of time, backed by people who are as invested in efficiency as you are.

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Backed By History, Driven By The Future

Since the beginning our passion for innovation has guided our business and pushed us forward.

Developing and customizing railcar covers to solve challenges inspires us to think differently: to make adjustments to reach optimal performance; to meet the changing needs of the industry; and to surpass standards while maintaining affordability. Our history is who we are, and it fuels where we are are going.

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